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You hear nothing from me for 3 years, and now you're about to get spammed all to hell. :D Also I opened a graphics archive where everything gets dumped so I can find it all in one place (including stuff that I don't post here, like transparent pngs and layouts). I'll be going through the posts here at some point and fixing broken links (like anything I had on megaupload :|), so check for those in a few days. But for now, batch 1 of icons.

99% of the icons are cut out of various layouts or wallpapers, so there's a bunch of random stuff and some have more than one crop.

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x credit [livejournal.com profile] mikage at [livejournal.com profile] lockwizmeeee
x textless does not equal base
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Bloody Monday (Live Action) (3): Fujimaru x1, Otoya x1, Fujimaru/Otoya x1
Kanesaki Kentarou (2)
Ookawa Genki (14)
Arashi (29): Arashi x3, Aiba x9, MatsuJun x6, Nino x2, Ohno x2, Sho x2, MatsuBa x1, MatsuMiya x1, OhMiya x1, SakuMiya x1, SakurAiba x1
Yamashita Tomohisa (5)
DBSG/JYJ (9): DBSG x1, Changmin x1, Jaejoong x1, Junsu x1, Yuchun x1, Yunho x1, ChunJae x1, ChunSu x1, JaeMin x1
Super Junior (14): Group x5, Donghae x6, Kibum x3

Total Icon Count: 76


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x credit [livejournal.com profile] sharpie at [livejournal.com profile] lockwizmeeee
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+ Baba Tooru : 3 icons
+ Kanesaki Kentarou : 3 icons
+ Kawai Ryunosuke : 1 icon
+ KENN : 1 icon
+ Kiriyama Renn : 1 icon
+ Konishi Hiroki/whatever he's changed his name to now : 2 icons
+ Matsui Yasuyuki : 1 icon
+ Nakagauchi Masataka : 5 icons
+ Ono Kento : 1 icon
+ Ookawa Genki : 7 icons
+ Shiozawa Hidemasa : 1 icon
+ Yagami Ren : 1 icon
+ Yuuki Jyutta : 1 icon
+ Group : 1 icon

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x direct linking = no
x do not redistribute on other sites/forums/communities without permission (which is pretty easy to get)
x do not claim as yours

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x credit [livejournal.com profile] sharpie or [livejournal.com profile] lockwizmeeee
x comment if taking (especially the rars)
x do not pass off as your own plz.
x you may use for icons, layouts, etc.
x direct link anything and I kill.

xBaba Tooru
xKanesaki Kentarou
xNakagauchi Masataka
xOokawa Genki

xMen's DVD (Kanesaki Kentarou, Baba Tooru, Furukawa Yuuta)
xFROGS (Sakurada Doori, Uehara Takuya, Aoyagi Ruito, Yanagisawa Takahiko)
xBambino + (Moriyama Eiji, Takuya, Shinoda Mitsuyoshi, JURI, et al)
xNakagauchi Masataka STAND UP!
xBlue Sheets (RUN&GUN Stage)
xBeauty Boys Celebrity (Nakagauchi Masataka, et al)

Everything at 300dpi and I am warning you right now that the BBC flyer is almost 9mb, and the FROGS flyer is almost 6 (because I forgot to reset quality after saving photosets 8D)

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