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CROSSING DIMENSIONS to Fall in Love with You

Chuan Yue Shi Kong Ai Shang Ni

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crossingdimensions: 1. Chuan Yue Shi Kong Ai Shang Ni ; Crossing Dimensions to Fall in Love with You .

CROSSINGDIMENSIONS is the graphic community for [personal profile] xiu & [personal profile] shinkenger & etc etc

Why CROSSINGDIMENSIONS?: because the X-Family Ost is beautiful & Jae is a dick & named it this

JOINING: Posting access is restricted to the folks in charge, but feel free to join or watch as necessary (currently, everything is public)

LAYOUT: Features NOTHING SO FAR, but we'll change that eventually

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"haha you're still a_baby!", "pedo pedo pedo!", advent children, anime, arashi, banners, champion, dbsg, fahrenheit, final fantasy 7, fullmetal alchemist, golf & mike, graphics, gravitation, gui long makes you pregnant, iceman, icons, ikemen, johnny's entertainment, k.o.3an guo, kamen rider, kamio's ukeface, kat-tun, kitty gym, ko1, layouts, lock wiz me!, manga, matantei loki ragnarok, matsumoto jun, meng zhu's stupid face, morikubo shoutarou, news, omgwtfwrong, pi's boobs, pi's hips, pretty men in plastic suits, pretty thai brothers, prince of tennis, randomness, sanada's ass, screencaps, seiyuu, silly boybands, sm entertainment, super junior, super sentai, takahashi naozumi, the seeker, the x-family, tokusatsu, ueda porn, w-inds., wallpapers, we ♥ retards, weiss kreuz, winamp skins, wu hu jiang, xia tian's floofy hair, xiu's fmylife face, yamapi, zhong ji san guo, zhong ji yi ban, zhong ji yi jia
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