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[icons x35, texture packs x5]

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x credit [personal profile] xiu or [community profile] crossingdimensions
x textless are not bases.
x do not alter

Weiss Kreuz Nagi (+Tot)

nagitot02 nagitot01 nagi33 nagi25 nagi30
nagi37 nagi31 nagi27 nagi26 nagi29
nagi28 nagi35 nagi32 nagi34 nagi36
nagi20 nagi23 nagi21 nagi22 nagi24
nagi19 nagi16 nagi17 nagi15 nagi18
nagi14 nagi12 nagi13 nagi06 nagi11
nagi10 nagi08 nagi05 nagi07 nagi09

Textures - Love Chase

Textures - Morning Light

Textures - Party Night

Textures - Solo

Textures - Space Case

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